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Editor: an Editing and Proofreading Program

"A lifesaving program to show you how much you've forgotten
about good writing."   — Pat W. Kirk, author and publisher

Editor 5.0 is out. See the "What's New" page for details.

Editor finds more than 200,000 common writing errors and problems in more than 50 categories of punctuation, spelling, grammar, usage, and style.  With its comprehensive databases, sophisticated analysis routines, and writer-friendly interface, Editor far outperforms other editing programs in the number of problems it identifies and the accuracy of its comments.

Editor does not base its suggestions on dubious statistical norms.  It does not impose discredited Zombie Rules or offer haphazard lists of homonyms and synonyms as writing enhancements.  It is not a click-to-fix editing program; in most cases, Editor points out problems and raises questions rather than imposing answers.  Writers do the editing and remain the judges of what they want to say.

An extensive comparative study shows that even the best performers among other editing programs correct fewer than 35% of the grammatical errors that a good human editor would find in the test documents.  Editor corrects more than 70%.
(Computer programs cannot find errors that depend not on words but on their meanings.)  Typically, more than 40% of other editing programsí comments on a text are miscorrections or mistakes.  Editor is wrong less than 10% of the time.

British and American writers benefit from Editorís extensive knowledge of both major dialects of English. It finds thousands of writing mistakes specific to each dialect as well as many tens of thousands common to both, and can help writers used to one dialect who want to write in the other.

Editor is flexible: any of its categories of analysis can be turned off or on to suit a particular writerís needs and habits.  And it is affordable at only $55 for the Standard version or $75 for the Word Add-In version.

Editor cannot teach you how to write, but it can help you write better.  Download the free ten-day trial and find out for yourself why serious reviewers like Editor and why our customers say that Editor helps them write successful papers, prepare books for publication, and save money.

The rollovers in the sidebar are illustrations and do not all reproduce Editor's comments exactly.

Last revised 25 April 2015

Word and WordPerfect do not recognize the following problems.  Slide your cursor down this column for a digest of Editor's comments.


She said, “Stop shouting,
for goodness sakes!”

It is time to put-down childish things.

We lost up to thirty soldiers
or more in the firefight.

They anticipate the speech to
be amusing.

To all intense and purposes, the revolution is over.

It is literally impossible to
get there before dark.

He should be ashamed
of himself.

One should love ones neighbors.

Neither of our automobiles
have snow tires.

The court’s decision set a
key precedence.

I got money from the ATM

In the 1990’s, the stock
market soared.

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