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"Make Your Writing (Almost) Perfect With Editor" — PCWorld July 2012

Free 10-Day Examination Copy of Editor

Serenity Software keeps no information about prospective customers and does not place cookies
or other tracking devices on their computers.  Trial copies do not contain advertisements.

Prospective customers are limited to one 10-day trial version.  The free trial includes both
versions of Editor available for purchase, as described on our "buy now" page.

Some security software may flag Editor free-trial download files as possibly malicious.  They are
not.  In many thousands of Editor downloads and installations over more than twenty-five years,
no one has ever found viruses or spyware.  More...

** Other information about Editor **

                                 Free 10-day Examination Copy Download

                                              ** The unzip password is EDITOR45 **

If you are using a 64-bit version of Word, click here for important information.  (Click to close.)
 Both the Standard and the Word Add-In versions of Editor install in Windows 2003, Vista, 2007,
            2010, and 2013 on both 32-bit and 64-bit machines.  The Word Add-In installer has two versions:
            the 32-bit installer comes standard with the Word Add-In, and a special installer for 64-bit Word is
            available free to anyone who tries the Word Add-In version and wants to install it in the 64-bit
            version of Word.  Until we finish incorporating the 64-bit installer into the standard installer, writers
            using 64-bit Word should email us directly for a free copy.

Last revised 25 March 2014